Improper driving practices can reduce the life of auto parts


Everyone will have their own driving habits in the process of driving, and some driving habits are bad habits developed in the process of driving. These improper driving behaviors will directly affect the life of auto parts. If people with bad driving habits do not Realizing or not correcting it is not a good thing for your car, and the cost of repairing your car is also a big living expense.
What are some bad driving habits?
1. When the car is in a semi-linked state for a long time, habitually stepping on the clutch will cause great damage to the clutch. This problem often occurs in novice drivers. At this time, start with 2nd gear It is also one of the reasons for the loss of the clutch.
2. Driving before the handbrake is not released. Forgetting to release the handbrake before starting the car, and often stepping on the brake while the vehicle is driving. These behaviors cause great wear on the brake pads, resulting in damage to the brake pads.
3. The clutch is not completely separated . Just shift gears. Due to the lack of familiarity with the car, the novice drivers are more nervous to drive, and often shift gears without stepping on the clutch to the end, which is easy to damage the wheel and the gearbox. If you forget to step on the clutch, this driving habit will lead to traffic accidents, which is more harmful. Emergency stop will reverse movement, often this will cause the wheel to wear, the gear meshing is not complete, it is easy to cause the transmission to drop gear, and the transmission has to be overhauled.

When crossing the ditch and crossing the ridge, slow down in advance, instead of rushing over it abruptly, this not only ensures the riding comfort, but also protects the shock absorber, spring and suspension.

Seven, hold down the glass lifter and do not let go When using the electric glass lifter to lift the glass, when the glass is lowered to the bottom or rises to the top, be sure to release it in time. Improper operation can easily cause abnormal glass lifting.

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