Auto parts installation


Seat: If it's a leather seat, buy a seat cushion and a cushion, if it's a cloth seat, buy a seat cover. Car decoration stores sell it, and they will install it for you. You can also buy it at the store and install it yourself. It's very simple, just wrap the seat cover on the seat, and then tie in a rope or buckle.
Steering wheel cover:
Steering wheel cover: Just install it yourself, wrap it up and put it on hard.
Foot pads:
Foot pads: You can just lay them in the car.
Luggage Mat:
Luggage Mat: Lay it yourself. In fact, it is very simple to install it yourself, and it will be installed if you think about it. If you really don't know how to install it, just go to an ordinary car decoration store and spend 10 yuan and 20 yuan to find a master, and they will be willing to install it for you.

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