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China's auto parts industry has made great progress thanks to the rapid development of vehicle enterprises, which makes us deeply realize that auto parts enterprises and vehicle enterprises must develop together, such as simultaneous development, vehicle support, and more use of domestic vehicles. parts, etc. If OEMs focus their energy on buying foreign parts and components, many key parts will be controlled by foreign countries, which will also cause great losses to domestic parts companies. The key to solving this phenomenon is that parts companies must strengthen their own strength and establish parts grouping in order to compete with foreign parts and components. For example, the successful models of domestic independent auto parts, such as Fast and Wanxiang, are all made by small enterprises. The quality and model of the products can be used on many models. In a certain period of time, many foreign parts and components companies did not have it. ways to compete with them.
First of all, when the domestic auto parts companies launch policies to support them, they should work hard and not be satisfied with the status quo. In terms of product development, increasing strength, and expanding matching with complete vehicles, we must move forward unswervingly, otherwise, we may be swallowed up by foreign companies. Secondly, foreign parts and components products have low risk and guaranteed quality, and domestic vehicle companies will only purchase large quantities. Therefore, domestic parts and components companies should also take care of their own management and quality. Otherwise, others will not dare to go use your product.
The conclusion is the same when extending from traditional components to new energy key components. Otherwise, the key components will be occupied by foreign capital, and imitating others will also have a very adverse impact on their own development, so the quality of products is very important. For the development of the wearing parts filter and brake pad industry, the level of domestic enterprises is still very good in a certain period of time, especially the filter industry. The number of cars in China continues to rise, so the market for consumables is also very large. There is no problem in manufacturing cost and R&D level. Mainly in terms of quality, we need to pay more attention to quality, and make good use of our advantages and quality to reassure users.
In 2011, the overall development trend of China's auto industry is still optimistic, there should be about 10% growth. But there are also some unfavorable factors. For example, the preferential policies in 2010 will be cancelled at the end of the year, and the housing market and the stock market are not very good. So there are some people who are afraid of policy changes to buy cars suddenly, and even to stock up on cars, which will lead to an increase of 30% to 40% in 2010. Objectively speaking, China's auto industry will develop more rationally in 2011. If it increases by 30% to 50% every year, it may not be reasonable. If it develops too fast, some unpredictable problems will often occur, and enterprises must gradually To normalize and rationalize.

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